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Aqua Garden LLC

Grown by Walleye. In Wisconsin.


Local. Fresh. Responsible.

Aquaponics - It's Who We Are

Our mission is to enhance local food markets by providing access to fresh walleye and culinary herbs grown in an ecologically responsible way.

Aqua Garden aims to be the first commercial, land-based, walleye farm in the US. We raise fish in a sustainable way and utilize the nutrients produced by the fish to grow culinary herbs with an innovative combination of aquaponic and aeroponic technology.


Our Founders

Long time friends turned business partners, Aqua Garden's founders have always valued community, friendship, and nature. They have transformed these values into a business by using novel agricultural techniques to support local communities and food systems.

Colin Bursik

Colin was born and raised in Amery, WI where he grew up hunting, fishing, and working at his father's greenhouse, Dragonfly Gardens. Colin attended St. Norbert College, where he earned a degree in history education and played football. During his college years, Colin owned Dragonfly Gardens, was a sales associate for Dick's Sporting Goods, and was a regional manager for Clean Boats Clean Waters in the Amery area. After college, Colin taught history and coached football and baseball in the Black River Falls School District. Colin operated Aqua Garden’s prototype system during his last year of teaching in BRF. He is excited to bring his experience in management, horticulture, aquaculture, education, and sales to the Aqua Garden team.


Trent Dado

Also from Amery, WI, Trent grew up working on his family's dairy farm. He earned his Bachelor's degree and Master's of Science in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota and has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin - Parkside. He currently works with GPS Dairy Consulting as a Nutrition and Management Consultant for dairy farms in the Upper Midwest. Trent's expertise in business and agriculture ensure Aqua Garden is efficient and profitable.

Tanner Wears

Tanner Wears grew up in Amery, Wisconsin and enjoyed all things outdoors, especially fishing with his friends. He attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a bachelor's degree in Biological Systems Engineering. After completing college, Tanner currently applies his engineering skills to a career in general contracting. Tanner brings his technical background to the Aqua Garden team by modeling the aquaponics system, developing system and facility designs, sourcing materials, and facilitating procurement. Tanner is most excited about combining aeroponic technology with aquaculture farming to create a sustainable source of fresh walleye and herbs.

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