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Wobbly Walleye Products

Our flexible system allows us to grow a variety of produce. The primary focus, however, is culinary and cocktail herbs. These include Wobbly Walleye Cocktail Mint,  Pesto Basil, Stir Fry Basil, Garnish Mix, Citrus Sorrel, and Macho Microgreens. Grown by Walleye. In Wisconsin.

Please contact us for current pricing and availability. 

Find our Wobbly Walleye Basil products in stores now!

Wobbly Walleye Cocktail Mint

Our aquaponically grown mint has enhanced flavor, appearance, and texture. This makes it perfect to muddle into or garnish with your favorite beverages throughout the year.

Cocktail Mint In Package.jpeg
Pesto Basil in Package 1.jpeg

Pesto Basil

IN STORES NOW! Our aquaponically grown basil in our simple pesto recipe makes for a delicious sauce. Our hand-selected variety of basil plants have enhanced flavor and appearance due to growing in water rich with all-natural nutrients. Only the highest quality parts of the plant are harvested. The basil leaves can be used in pesto and any other dish.

Check out our recipe for Wobbly Walleye Pesto Basil Sauce here!

Garnish Mix

Our Garnish Mix includes dill, cilantro and chives. This trio turns any entrée into a gourmet meal by adding flavor, texture, and appearance.


Citrus Sorrel

Sorrel is a beautiful plant with intense lemon flavor. Use it to add citrus flavor and vibrant color to any dish.

Macho Micros

Our microgreen varieties include sweet pea, broccoli, and sunflower. Microgreens are young versions of edible vegetables and herbs that have all of the flavor and nutrients of the adult plant packed into a bite-sized seedling. Microgreens are a great source of protein, fiber, and vitamin C. Macho micros are great for a healthy snack or a garnish to add color, crunch, and flavor to any dish.


Stir Fry Thai Basil

Our aquaponically grown sweet Thai basil is a delicious addition to any stir fry, as well as any other dish needing a flavor boost.

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