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What We Do

We utilize an innovative and environmentally responsible system to produce fresh greens and fish filets for our local food markets and you! 

The system is designed to be able to produce fresh food in almost any facility or environment. For example, our facility is a repurposed and up-cycled potato storage building!


Our fish are housed in two, 1,000 gallon tanks with state-of-the-art filtration systems to keep the water as clear and fresh as the Canadian backwaters.


Aeroponic Towers

Our system utilizes aeroponic towers. These allow to use every square foot of our facility for maximum yield. It allows our system to use less water and optimize nutrient uptake. Learn More About our Tower System Here.

The System

Together, our system can grow over 25,000 pounds of culinary herbs and 1,500 pounds of walleye every year. The system conserves energy using LED lights and recycles water many times through the system. 



We like to upcycle as much as we can. This include the warehouse which Aqua Garden grows its fish and produce! Aqua Garden is re-using an old potato storage warehouse. It is a close to ideal location with plenty of insulation to limit the amount of heating and cooling energy with lots of ventilation to keep the plants healthy.


Our flexible system allows us to grow a variety of produce. The primary focus, however, is culinary and cocktail herbs. These include Wobbly Walleye Cocktail Mint,  Pesto Basil,  Garnishing Herbs, Seafood Blend, Mexican Blend, and Italian Blend. Grown by Walleye. In Wisconsin.


How It Works

The Process

Our walleye live in their own fish tanks and the waste fish produce is sent through a filtration system. Our filters separate the solids and then leave effluent water to be sent through the nitrification process. Nitrifying bacteria turns the  ammonia from the waste into nitrates the plants can utilize.

The nutrient rich water flows to our towers automatically, supplying the plants with the accurate amount of water and nutrients. 

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